Lisa Titan

Owner/USA Boxing Certified Coach

Lisa is Co-Owner at St Johns Boxing. She has over 16 years experience in combat sports, including boxing. Lisa is passionate about creating a safe and welcoming community for all people. She loves working with children and hopes she can be a positive influence in their lives.

boxing coach Danny Roepke

Danny Roepke


Danny has been teaching fitness-inspired boxing for over 8 years. He is friendly, upbeat, and encouraging. His classes are often high-cardio, high-energy, sweat sessions. In addition to boxing, Danny enjoys yoga as a complimentary activity to high-energy boxing training. 

Outside of boxing, Danny is a puppy trainer, and can often be spotted walking corgis in St Johns. Corgis are present at any of his classes.

Darrell Pope Jr

USA Boxing Certified Coach

Darrell has 12+ years of experience coaching boxing. He’s passionate about the sport because it’s more than just a sport, it’s a way of life. His approach to training is to provide a fun, energetic atmosphere that balances with a well-rounded and effective workout. He will make you sweat! He likes to come up with complex combinations that are challenging but flow well and have fight application. He hopes students will come in and have a great time, get a killer workout, and come away with a better understanding of the intricacies involved in boxing.

boxing coach darrell pope jr

Derek Mason

USA Boxing Certified Coach

Derek has been training for 6 years and is a Bronze-Level Certified Coach with USA Boxing. He is a master of evasive and defensive maneuvering, which he incorporates in his teaching. He enjoys working with all skill levels, and especially enjoys working with youth boxers.

boxing coach Derek Mason

Sabrina Eveland

USA Boxing Certified Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Sabrina is a Bronze level USA Boxing Coach, Masters Level Registered Amateur Boxer, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She excels in helping students learn to execute movements with form and precision. With a background in teaching yoga and mindfulness, she brings creativity, curiosity, and playfulness into her boxing classes. 

A perpetual student of boxing, Sabrina trains under several prominent coaches and enjoys sharing new stylistic perspectives and techniques with her students. She holds additional certifications in kettlebells, trauma-informed personal training, and is a certified GMB (bodyweight fitness) trainer. Sabrina aims to provide individualized attention and feedback as her students progress, welcoming questions and discussion. She loves watching people discover their own strength, resilience, and confidence through boxing.


J.P. Henry


Born and raised in North Portland, J.P. Henry has been a personal trainer and educator for nearly a decade. He is a Humanities and Mythology high school teacher by day, and a boxer by night, and loves all things nerdy. He received training at Lakeview Boxing in Chicago, Seattle Boxing Gym, and now St. John’s Boxing.  With a mindset that boxing is for all, J.P. believes everyone can be their own hero in and out of the gym.

Rogelio Gamino


“Been in St Johns my whole life and I wouldn’t change most things. Been a student of the boxing game for some years now. I believe boxing isn’t just about learning how to fight but more about growing discipline, strength, and confidence in one’s self. Learning how to fight is just a bonus! I teach basics and occasionally some advanced classes here and there. For me building a strong foundation with the basic fundamentals is the way to go! The flashy stuff can come later!”