Adult Group classes are open to ages 16+. Anyone under the age of 18 must have signed permission from a parent or legal guardian. We offer youth classes (ages 12-15) and private training for kids under the age of 16.

All group classes are walk-in, no need to schedule in advance. Please sign up and pay before you arrive to class.

Please contact us to schedule personal training. 

Arrive to class 15 mins early to get your hands wrapped and be ready at the start of class time.




This class is open to all skill levels and focuses on boxing fundamentals.  Students will gain skills and agility by learning proper stance, footwork, and striking.  Using a numbered punching system, students will execute basic punch combinations through mitt and/or bag work. Partner work may be required. This class is a great option for people new to the sport or anyone looking to improve their skills in stance, footwork, punches, and holding focus mitts. New boxers should attend this class before moving into boxing workout.


This is our most popular class! Boxing Workout is an hour-long class focusing on enhancing technique and stamina. Our primary class format relies heavily on partnered focus mitt drills. Focus mitt training is great for improving punching technique, defensive skills (slipping, blocking, parrying, ducking), offensive skills (combinations, angles, footwork), and moving against a real person (reach, style, strategy, countering). Various trainers at St. Johns Boxing have different styles and strengths, but a typical workout might also include shadowboxing, jumping rope, heavy bag work, defense drills, footwork drills, plyometrics, and technique drills. Those new to the sport or without prior experience in focus mitt work should start with Boxing Basics before moving into boxing workout. Contact us if you have any questions.


Similar to Boxing Workout but bigger, faster, stronger, longer. Super Boxing Workout is a 1.5 hour training session with more advanced drills, faster pace, and an extra 1/2 hour of conditioning. Trainers will incorporate a variety of core, cardio and strength exercises. You will not leave without a sweat!


To attend sparring sessions, you must be an active member of the gym and obtain permission from an instructor. Practice using your skills by going head-to-head with one of your gym-mates! Sparring tests your skills and technique in a realistic environment. It allows you to learn what works, what doesn’t, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  Sparring is not fighting, and the goal isn’t to win. The purpose of sparring is to learn in a safe, controlled environment. These classes are light contact. Focus is on defense skills and controlled punching. Safety is emphasized, mouthpiece and headgear required.


Strength and Conditioning is a class designed to enhance your boxing training by giving your body the strength and stamina it needs to be a better boxer. Focus is on building muscle, core strength, balance, mobility, and endurance. Each class is unique, but a typical class might include kettlebells, resistance training, plyometrics, core work and body weight exercises.


Our Advanced Skills class is for those ready to move to the next level and hone their skills. The class teaches complex movement while building agility, stamina, and reflexes through a diverse array of creative drills. This is a minimal contact class focused on both fitness and advanced skills training. It is a great option for boxers who’ve mastered the workout classes and want to strengthen their bodies, minds, precision, and reflexes. This class is a great next step for those preparing to take on sparring.


1-on-1 training or private group training can be arranged with any of our instructors. This option provides completely customized training to meet your needs. Personal training is perfect for those working with injuries or with specific fitness goals in mind. We also offer private training options for youth under the age of 16. Please reach out to us for rates and to schedule a private session.